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Django Liked – A Django Likes App (Django 1.10)

django likes app

In this article we are going to create a simple generic django likes app named Django Liked that can be used to like any model defined in your django project. To create this app we are going to use django’s contenttype framework. So without further ado let’s jump right into


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Adding robots.txt to your Django Project


In this post we are going to list multiple ways of adding a robots.txt file to your django project. Robots.txt or Robots exclusion protocol is basically a text file that defines the rules for search engine robots (or bots) to inform the robots what part of the website should be


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Creating a custom template tag in django

custom template tags in django

In this article we are going to create a custom template tag for our django project and use it in one of our django templates. This article assumes that you are already familiar with django and python and have a sample django project setup already. In this example we are


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Django Push Notifications Mongoengine

Django Push Notifications

I recently had to implement push notifications (both GCM and APNS) on a project that I was working on. As we were using django/python for this project, our research led us to django-push-notifications, a django app to send GCM and APNS notifications to android and ios devices respectively. But we found


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How to create pip package for your django/python app

how-to-create-pip-package (David Grant (Flickr))

PIP packages or PyPI packages are an easy way to install custom reusable python modules or applications that once installed can be used with any other python (django) application, project or module. If you are a python developer you must every now and then have used the pip install command


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mkvirtualenv command not found – virtualenvwrapper


Do you see mkvirtualenv command not found error even after installing virtualenvwrapper ? This post explains how to properly install virtualenvwrapper. I recently had to install virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper on one of my production servers. While setting up my server I came through this strange error: mkvirtualenv: command not found I


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