Automatically Clear Magento Cache and Session

While working on a magento based project for one of my friends, I was facing an issue where the magento site started to respond really slow and at times the site just won’t load and show a blank white page. While researching I figured this happened because magento manages cache and sessions at various different…


Myntra Shuts Down its Website and Goes Mobile Only

Myntra, one of the leading online fashion retail store has decided to close down its website from May 1st 2015.  Myntra now wants to carry on its operations just using their mobile-app as 70% of myntra’s sales were being made through mobiles. Myntra would be the first ever online e-commerce platform to turn into a mobile app-only…


mkvirtualenv command not found – virtualenvwrapper

Do you see mkvirtualenv command not found error even after installing virtualenvwrapper ? This post explains how to properly install virtualenvwrapper. I recently had to install virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper on one of my production servers. While setting up my server I came through this strange error: mkvirtualenv: command not found I was confused as I just…

Whatsapp share button

Whatsapp Share Button – Share wordpress posts via Whatsapp

As we have all witnessed, in the past few years mobile has become users’ first screen. With the vast progress in mobile operating systems and applications, Mobile is now being used to accomplish tasks that once required a super computer (psyche). Mobile is now what people generally use to read/write emails, click pictures, record audio/videos…

django allauth tutorial

Django Allauth Tutorial – Access Extra Data

This tutorial is an extension to my previous django allauth tutorial which was a step by step guide to show you how to setup django allauth by Raymond Penners. This tutorial explains how to access the extra data passed by a social account provider to allauth. I have come across this situation many times where…

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django allauth tutorial

Django Allauth Tutorial – (Step by Step)

Social Authentication is one of the must haves for any web application nowadays. Apart from getting rid of the pain of coding a custom registration module and maintaining them, Social Authentication or Social Login also: helps achieve higher signup/registration rate helps obtain extra user information through their social profile Enables to promote your product or…

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