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Django Push Notifications Mongoengine

Django Push Notifications

I recently had to implement push notifications (both GCM and APNS) on a project that I was working on. As we were using django/python for this project, our research led us to django-push-notifications, a django app to send GCM and APNS notifications to android and ios devices respectively. But we found out that the above mentioned


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How to create pip package for your django/python app

how-to-create-pip-package (David Grant (Flickr))

PIP packages or PyPI packages are an easy way to install custom reusable python modules or applications that once installed can be used with any other python (django) application, project or module. If you are a python developer you must every now and then have used the pip install command to install third party python


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Android Marshmallow: Changes required in your current app!

Android M by Takahiro Yamagiwa (Flickr)

Since Android Marshmallow has rolled out its latest Android SDK version 6.0, all app developers should make their app ready for the latest version as there are many direct and indirect impacting features. We are bringing you the key points that you need to take care of in order to make your app ready for the


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10 Bollywood movies based on real life stories or incidents


Bollywood movies have been one of the biggest sources of the detailed information on some of the major real life events, stories and/or people. Following a list of 21 Bollywood movies that were Fully/Partially based either on a true story, a real life event or a person.   Bollywood Movies Based On Real Life Incidents


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Angry Aliens want disclosure!


We all have been hearing stories of the real MIB (Men in Black), and conspiracy theories claims that these men are secret government officials who work behind the scene and protect hide a secret which if out would create panic in public. Who are these Men in Black? Many occurrences have shown these Men in Black pop-out


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Facebook’s breakup tool will help you get over a relationship


Facebook recently announced that they are testing a new tool that will help you get over a break-up with your partner. As people go through those hard times of ending a relationship, All the updates, check-ins and photos from your partner may even make it harder for you. Currently facebook is testing this tool in the US


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Tickets for Sunburn 2015 in Delhi/NCR

"Sunburnfestivalstage" by Pdmsunburn - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons -

Delhi/NCR is getting prepared for the city festival of their favorite event Sunburn 2015. You will see the zest for it all around you, youth talking about it, online geeks searching for tickets online, music freaks blocking their dates, girls getting their best outfits ready. Sunburn has already rocked the city on 15th November with DJ Snake,


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McDonalds Fries Hacked, Home Recipe for Exact Taste

mcdonalds-fries-home-recipe. Image Courtsey: Shane Ronemus (Flickr)

McDonalds Fries! We all love them. Some of us may even crave for them at times. “I’m loving it” the tagline seems was written majorly in the context of them golden brown crispy and crunchy McDonalds fries. Though it is loved by all, We sometimes find ourselves in a situation where we want to have them


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Boot-e-full Winters for Her!

"Women's cowboy boots" by Pete unseth - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons -

Outside it may be too cold. But you stay hot this winter by keeping your toes high on boots and spirits high on fashion! Bringing you the latest trends in high-on-fashion-high-on-comfort boots for this winter and you must have them in order to stay hawt and fashionable! This winter fashionistas are going fashionable in a smarter


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Messed up Judicial System in India

Messed Up Judicial System in India. Image Courtsey: Tulane Public Relations @ Flickr

Since it’s independence in 1947, India has seen little to no change in its judicial system development. Matter of fact, The development as a whole has been progressing at a breakneck pace ever since. Some even believe that the development in India has not even begun yet. For you who may be thinking, that it is absolutely a